Monday, November 19, 2007

Playing MMS content using mplayer in Linux behind proxy

It took me a month of fiddling to figure this out. Finally succeeded with
thanks to: How to play ASX using Mplayer
Ubuntu Gutsy

Here is what I did
1. created /etc/ and chmod +x
/usr/bin/mplayer http_proxy://proxyHost:proxyPort/$*

2. created /etc/mplayer.radios with following content
alias 774='/etc/ mms://'
alias mmm='/etc/ mms://'
alias surya='/etc/ mms://'
alias hitfm='/etc/ mms://'
alias classicfm='/etc/ mms://'
alias foxfm='/etc/ mms://'
alias news='/etc/ mms://'
alias jjj='/etc/ mms://'
alias vegafm='/etc/ mms://'
alias livemal='/etc/'

3. source /etc/mplayer.radios from /etc/bash.bashrc

I am well fed with these !!