Sunday, May 06, 2007

Connecting a Wireless device to a LAN

1. Bootup the windows computer (wireless device) to be connected.
2. From Start Menu, select Run, type in cmd and hit OK. This opens a black command box.
3. Type in ipconfig /all and hit enter. This will list all your logical and physical network interfaces and details.
4. Identify the interface corresponding to the wireless device using its Description. Note down the Physical Address which will look something like 00-50-EB-C0-00-A1.
5. Open up the admin console of the wireless router / access point using browser; authenticate as the admin user.
6. Navigate to the MAC Address Filter; add the Physical Address from steps above to the list. Save the list; apply the changes. Warm boot using the restart option in the admin console.
7. Using the wireless admin tool on the wireless device to connect to the network using your wireless network's SSID (KALATHUR.NET in one case I know !!) and also provide the encryption key, if there is one.
(8. Drop a comment in this blog, if this was a success or not !!)

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