Thursday, February 21, 2008

I like to see Groovy to be something like Forte 4GL

Forte 4GL (known later as Unified Development Server [UDS]) as the name says a Fourth Generation Language. The language used is Transaction Object Oriented Language (TOOL). Sun Microsystems bought this from Forte Inc. and I would say sun set on this now.

Take a look at the TOOL Reference Manual to see how simple and easy the semantics are. The complete documentation set is available at

Coming to the point, I like to see Java mature to a stage where it can complement Groovy to be a 4GL and have tools to develop applications like how it is done using Forte Workshop.

Forte Workshop (IDE) got to its own proprietary Version Control, Configuration Management and Middleware container. The above said tool could be based on Eclipse (IDE), Subversion (Version Control), OSGI (Configuration Management) and Apache Felix + EJB (Middleware container).

Only if someone could kick start something like this ..

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